April 10, 2020 release notes


This week, we released the enhanced strategy roadmap with the ability to include releases, master features, and features.

Note: Existing strategy roadmaps in Aha! presentations will automatically be upgraded to the enhanced strategy roadmap when the presentation is updated depending on the update frequency settings.

Support - April 10, 2020 release notes - inline image


  • For ideas that have been promoted, the idea’s detail page will now show the current status of the initiative, master feature, or feature. The detail page for the initiative, master feature, or feature will also display the idea’s current status.

  • When you manually update the status of an initiative, master feature, or feature, you will now see the idea’s status automatically update if you have status automation configured.

  • When clicking on a creative brief from an initiative, schedule, master activity, or activity, the creative brief will now open in a new tab.


  • An issue was causing formatting problems when editing tables with merged cells in notes and comments.

  • When a release was sorted on the Gantt chart and then collapsed and refreshed, there was an issue with saving the initial sort.