July 24, 2019 release notes


This week, we introduced a new slide editor view to Aha! presentations. Add, reorder, or update slides from a preview pane without losing the context of your overall presentation.


  • In presentation mode, you can now scroll through your presentation’s slides using your mouse as well as your keyboard.

  • You can now add emoji reactions from the Aha! mobile apps.

  • Goal, initiative, master feature, and requirement custom layouts now have a Bottom section. You can add, remove or rearrange fields in layouts by navigating to Settings Account Custom layouts.

  • You can now favorite a report or roadmap by clicking the star icon next to its name. Or favorite a saved view by clicking Views Saved views and hovering over a particular saved view.

  • Clicking the record number in a user story map will now open that record's detail drawer.

  • New releases will only be added to user story maps when you explicitly click the + Add release button.


  • If a master feature’s release was changed, an issue was preventing its features from moving to that release as well.

  • An issue was causing custom pivot tables with tags as row or column headers to display incorrectly in some cases. When those tags were filtered, you could see tags not included in your selection.