January 18, 2019 release notes


  • The latest release of Aha! mobile has been improved with the ability to assign goals to initiatives and vice versa.

  • Two columns have been renamed in analytics reports:

    • To-do task assignee is now To-do assignee.

    • To-do task status is now To-do status.

  • The Product name filter on the portfolio roadmap and the Releases filter on the features roadmap have been enhanced with the ability to select all records and automatically update when new records are added.


  • An issue with the Jira integration (2.0) was causing comments from Jira to appear in Aha! without proper formatting.

  • An issue was preventing users from updating ideas that had been merged with ideas from products that use an alternate ideas workflow.

  • In some instances, the feature count on master feature cards was not correctly counting the number of assigned features.