April 19, 2019 release notes


This week, we added the ability to reference any standard or custom field in custom worksheet equations. With this improvement, you can now perform powerful data analysis using data from anywhere in your account.

The syntax for referencing Aha! fields in custom worksheet equations can be complex, which is why we created a detailed support article that explains exactly how this functionality works and provides some sample equations for common use cases.


  • Many-to-many custom table fields can now be added to custom layouts for ideas, ideas forms, and ideas portals.

  • The equation builder (see custom worksheets and calculations on list reports) has been improved with responsive help text for functions. As you type a function into the equation builder, instructions for using the formula will automatically appear below the equation.

  • The Azure DevOps integration (2.0) has been improved with added support for using personal authentication tokens and for Azure DevOps Server 2019.

  • The Asana integration has been improved with support for strikethrough text.


  • An issue with the CSV import tool was preventing users from importing goals and initiatives into product lines.

  • An issue with ideas portals was allowing users to vote on shipped ideas beyond the user vote limit defined at Settings Account Configure portals.

  • An issue with custom number fields was preventing users from adding values that exceeded one decimal place.