September 1, 2017 release notes


  • Users can now view upcoming work or plans on the new Calendar roadmap. To view, navigate to Reports Calendar and visualize releases, master features, features and to-dos. Create new records right from the calendar by mousing over the upper right hand corner of the day and selecting the '+' icon. Drag-and-drop existing records to update their selected date field values.


  • Users will now see a cancel warning if attempting to close an expanded phase when editing or creating a release phase template with to-dos. This prevents users from collapsing the phase prior to saving newly added to-dos and accidentally losing work from the template.

  • Users will now get an error if they attempt to authenticate the Salesforce integration without the appropriate Salesforce administration permissions.

  • Users logging in from are now directed to the latest paid account domain associated with their email address instead of previous lapsed trial accounts created with that same email address.


  • Pivot report sorting by master feature due date was not sorting correctly when master feature dates were set to be inherited from child features.

  • Master feature name was not displaying as an optional field column for sorting on custom roadmaps and pivot reports.

  • Custom roadmap cells were sorting on record name by default instead of the previously used date fields. This caused previously saved custom roadmap reports to change sort order in some cases.

  • Release roadmap views saved to notebooks were being cut off in some cases when exported to PDF instead of sizing to fit the PDF orientation.

  • To-dos were getting duplicated on features when assigned in some cases.

  • Instant notification emails of record changes were not displaying the correct "updated by" user in some cases.

  • Pivot tables were not calculating correctly when non-displayed fields were added to rows and columns for sorting.

  • Releases with the same due date were not ordering consistently between the Features Board and Releases Detail views.

  • Tags were not ordering alphabetically by default in pivot table cells.

  • "Remove link to the initiative" tool tip was not dismissing from view after link was deleted.

  • Comments were not displaying in the to-do record detail drawer.