March 3, 2017 release notes


  • Clicking on "Hide weekends" in the View dropdown for the Releases - Overview, Reports - Releases, and Reports - Strategy roadmaps will now remove Saturday and Sunday from the roadmap timeline. This improved display helps to better visualize the team's work during the typical work week. If the "Hide weekends" check box is not selected which is the default setting, weekends are visible and represented by vertical gray bars on the roadmap to easily distinguish them from weekdays.

  • The order in which products appear when clicking on the Create New Sub Release button for a Master Release has been updated so the products which you can choose are now presented in the same order and manner as they are in the product dropdown menu.


  • Terminology customizations to Releases and Features were not being displayed in the Reports menu for Releases and Features roadmaps. This has been updated so the roadmaps listed in the menu will now reflect terminology changes to these elements.

  • Downloading the Reports - Portfolio roadmap view to PDF was resulting in overlapping text and text getting cut off. This has been fixed.

  • Release statuses with a status category set to "Done" were being marked with the green check mark. It has been corrected to the intended behavior where release statuses with a status category set to "Shipped" are now marked with the green check mark with signifies completion.

  • The Zendesk integration was showing "missing translation: name" in the label for the idea name & description field in some situations. This has been corrected.

  • The following issues with the Releases - Overview and Reports - Releases roadmap have been corrected:

    • Dragging a bar with the timeline zoomed in would cause the timeline to scroll horizontally after the bar is released, often to the point where the bar is no longer visible.

    • If assignees for features were chosen for display in the view dropdown, the assignee was not being hidden during the process of dragging the bar. It is now temporarily hidden so that the bar isn't obscured when dragging over the location where the assignee name appears.

    • Moving releases that were collapsed was resulting in the underlying phases and release date remaining in their previous position outside the boundaries of the black release bar.