November 14, 2016 release notes


  • The interactive dependency map allows you to see how key work is related in a single view. You can visualize incoming and outgoing dependencies in one click through an interactive map of related initiatives, releases, release phases, release milestones, features, and ideas and share them with your team. New capabilities introduced with this feature include the following:

    • Click on the new Visualize link in the drawer page of initiatives, releases, features, and ideas to invoke the interactive dependency map for that data object which will be displayed in the center of the map, highlighting upstream and downstream relationships.

    • Click on the arrow icon for an object node in the dependency map and the map will expand to include dependencies associated with that object.

    • Click on the re-center icon to change the focus of the dependency map on a different object node to view additional relationships important to your roadmap.

    • Add the visualization to a Notebook to share plans and dependencies with your team.


  • Deleting an idea link in Salesforce will now remove the request from the Aha! idea portal.

  • The order in which Parking lots are displayed on the Features - Board view will now dictate the order in which they appear on the Features - Details view.

  • The REST API has been updated to now retrieve "last active" information on users.

  • The demo product that can be created in trial and subscription accounts to aid with getting started has been updated to include an example note in the Product - Note page to aid with understanding how they can be used.