September 16, 2016 Release Notes


  • Administrators can now enable or disable which file storage systems -- Google Drive or Dropbox -- are available to users by going into Settings - Account - Security and single sign-on - File storage control. These file storage integrations are available to teams for sharing and referencing important files that can be attached directly to your product strategy, releases, features, or requirements. Any changes to these documents in either system will be seen when previewed in Aha! The integration is unidirectional, and as a result, work done in Aha! is never shared back to Google Drive or Dropbox. This update provides more control to corporate admins for specifying which, if any, storage integration is made available to their users.


  • The top portion of the Reports - Hierarchy view is now anchored so that you can always see the column headers as you scroll down the report.

  • The Settings - Account - Users table has been updated with user management improvements that will benefit customers with a large number of users. The updates include the following:

    • Filtering the user table by both Product name and User role

    • Sorting the table by Administrator and Paid seat

  • You can now choose whether the remaining estimate for a feature or requirement is automatically logged as work done upon shipping. This provides more control to ensure that logged time accurately reflects the work that was done which is crucial for capacity and project reporting. Go into Settings - Product - Configure and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the new Remaining estimate option where you can choose between "Add as logged time" or "Ignore remaining time".

  • Master Release reporting has been improved with the addition of two new Release table reporting columns -- Master release name and Master release status.


  • The new User Role filter on the Settings - Account - Users table would incorrectly not display any users when the "None" role was selected. This has been corrected.