November 18, 2016 release notes


  • File storage integration options have been expanded to now include Box in addition to Google Drive and Dropbox. Key features for each of these include the following:

    • Preview files without needing to download them.

    • Changes made to documents in the file storage system are automatically seen in Aha! when previewing the document. This saves you from having to re-upload every time you change it.

    • The integration is unidirectional as you are only linking to an external file. As a result, data from Aha! will never be shared with these file storage systems.

    • Enable/disable the desired storage integrations that are available to users through account level controls available in Settings - Account - Security and single sign-on.

  • The Aha! custom field types Users field and Text field can now integrate with the JIRA custom field type User picker allowing for additional feature assignee updates for key roles across the product, engineering, and QA teams. The Users field type in Aha! requires that the user be set up in both systems and have identical email addresses. The Text field type allows for sending an email address of a user to JIRA for users in JIRA that don’t exist in Aha! Here are a few additional nuances of this feature you should be aware of:

    • The Aha! Users field allows for selecting multiple users. The JIRA User picker field only allows for selecting a single user. In those cases where multiple users are specified in the Aha!, the user names are sorted in alphabetical order and only the first user is sent to JIRA. If an update to a user is made in JIRA and there were previously more than one user selected in Aha!, the Aha! user field will be overwritten to the single user coming back from JIRA.

    • If you are mapping an Aha! Text field type, it can only contain a single email address. If it contains more than one email address, no values will be sent to the mapped user field in JIRA.

    • If an update is received from JIRA and there are multiple users in Aha! that have the same email address (i.e. one created through SSO and a second created through the Aha! password authentication), the integration selects the user that was created most recently.

    • In order for updates to a user custom field in JIRA to update the mapped custom field in Aha!, the user must share common products in Aha! with the webhook user which should normally be the case.


  • Upon creating or updating a record in Rally, Portfolio items are now ordered based on their corresponding rank in Aha! which is determined by their sort order in the Features - Board view. This is done by using the rankAbove/rankBelow parameter in Rally. Changes to the rank in Rally are not reflected back into Aha!

  • The Product selection value in the Idea drawer page now displays each of the available products nested by product line in a hierarchical display. This makes it much easier to find specific products for customers that have lots of products.