June 17, 2016 release notes


  • Posted ideas in an ideas portal will now display the category the idea belongs to and the product name if the portal is being used by more than one product. These updates make it much more obvious to portal users what product and category ideas belong to without having to rely on the product and category filters.

  • The Zendesk integration has been updated to provide more flexibility with the default visibility setting assigned to ideas originating from Zendesk tickets. The current default for all ideas submitted via Zendesk is Not visible in portal. With this update, ideas submitted via Zendesk are automatically associated with an idea portal and the visibility default will be inherited from that portal's visibility settings. The logic being applied is as follows:

    • If a public portal exists for the Zendesk project the idea is in, the public portal will be used.

    • Otherwise, if a private portal exists for the Zendesk project the idea is in, it is used.

    • Otherwise, if any portals exist for the Zendesk project the idea is in, the first one is used.

    • If the assigned idea portal has a modified default visibility setting that applies to all ideas, that setting will also be applied to ideas originating from Zendesk. If the standard default visibility settings are in use, then ideas created through Zendesk will continue to default to Not visible in portal.

  • The Reports - Timeline view has been updated to include the Show row headings option similar to the Reports - Pivot view. Click on the green Customize view button to see the new setting.

  • The Import from CSV utility has been updated to include the requirement_name field in addition to the already existing requirement_description when importing features.

  • The Import from CSV utility has also been updated to allow importing Persona custom field values into features and other data objects where a persona custom field has been added.

  • The Import from UserVoice utility has been updated to now include admin comments.

  • You can now link from the features table to the release phase table when choosing columns for reports. This allows for inclusion of the release phase name and other release phase columns in feature based reports.

  • Reviewer API permissions have been updated to allow for submitting ideas to provide parity with existing Reviewer permissions in the application.

  • Copying a release which may contain features and requirements that are assigned to individuals will no longer trigger automated email notifications to the assignees upon creation.

  • You can now preview attachments from the Create a To-do and Create a Requirement modal screens.

  • Hovering over long attachment file names found in the Product - Files view will now show the entire file name.


  • The display of products and product lines in the Create initiative in product dropdown for promoting ideas to initiatives has been updated to display them in a hierarchical form to easily distinguish between products and product lines. The random display sort order has also been corrected so that the hierarchy is now displayed in the same manner as the main product dropdown.

  • When promoting an idea to a feature and then deciding to convert the Feature to an initiative, there was no link connecting the idea to the initiative. This has been corrected to support this workflow and to maintain the integrity of the idea link.

  • Using the features Actions - Convert to initiative or Convert to requirement menu options have unintended and undesirable outcomes when converting a feature that is linked to a 3rd party system (i.e. JIRA, etc.) or a feature that has requirements. When now attempting this action, a red error message will appear if either of these conditions are present and will advise the user that "This feature cannot be converted because it is integrated with another system outside of Aha!".

  • Opening and closing a requirement before it was fully opened would result in strange display behavior which has since been corrected.

  • The Release start date was not available as an option in the From dropdown when selecting a Duration time frame for a Reports - Timeline view. It has now been added.