July 29, 2016 release notes


  • You can now include cell headers on your pivot reports providing better reporting and visualization of your roadmap plans. This update not only allows for showing cell headers but also enables doing calculations -- total/average/min/max/count -- within individual cells on rows and columns. Click the Customize view button on the Pivot report page to choose whether cell headers are displayed.


  • A Back button has been added to all drawer pages providing an improved user experience. As drawer pages contain links allowing you to navigate to other related drawer pages, this new button provides an easy way back to the previous page.

  • Users now have the option to display number custom fields either with or without comma delimiters. Previously, all number custom fields were automatically formatted with comma delimiters. This provides a couple of benefits:

    • It will help to align numeric values in number columns.

    • You can choose to not display the commas if the number field is used to represent an identifier from another system where commas are not appropriate.

  • SAML 2.0 SSO now supports 'emailAddress' as a new capitalization permutation as a SAML attribute.

  • Idea comment notification emails are currently sent to all subscribers, including the user who submitted the comment. This can contribute to causing loops with out-of-office emails. This has been changed so that comment emails are no longer sent to the person submitting the comment to both reduce the sending of unnecessary emails and to help minimize out-of-office loops from occurring.

  • A /me API Endpoint has been added to return information such as name, email, and more about the user holding the supplied access token.