February 5, 2016 release notes


  • It is now possible to limit access to your Aha! account including idea portals and notebooks to users within the confines of your corporate network or VPN. These new IP based access controls for administrators are perfect for larger organizations looking for an extra level of security for their strategy and roadmaps. This new security capability is available to customers in our Enterprise+ plan and can be found in Settings - Account - Security and single sign-on.

  • The HipChat integration has been expanded to include both cloud and on-premise versions. This provides the opportunity for HipChat integration for the large number of on-premise JIRA users.


  • The strategic time frame for goals and initiatives is now prominently displayed on both goal and initiative cards.

  • Reporting on feature, initiative, and requirement ranking improved this week with the following updates:

    • Initiative Rank has been added as a new data column for reports. Just as the sort order of features on the Features - Board is used to force rank and dynamically populate the data column Feature Rank, the Initiative Rank reflects a prioritized order for initiatives based on their sort order on the Strategy - Initiatives page.

    • The Requirement Rank has been added as a new data column for reports. You can drag and drop requirements within a feature into a desired order which can now be reported on using this new field.

    • The Feature Rank, Requirement Rank, and Initiative Rank data columns have been updated to sort numerically when used as headings on Reports - Pivot tables.

  • Comments and to-dos are now available on the Strategy - Goals page as well as the Goal details page.

  • Users can now re-order the sequence in which Personas and Competitors are displayed in the Strategy - Overview page. This is similar to the existing functionality for re-ordering the display of Goals and Initiatives on the Strategy - Goals and Strategy - Initiatives pages.

  • The display of workflows in the Reports column selector has been updated to only display the workflows that are related to the products selected (filtered) in a given report.

  • The default screen for users with no product permissions has been upgraded to provide more helpful information. The user is informed they currently do not have permission to access products in their account and are provided email links to account admins they can contact to adjust their product permissions.