April 22, 2016 release notes


  • A new custom field type called Users has been added to allow everyone on the team to be linked to the work they need to do to ensure the product's success. For example, executives are involved in setting strategy, marketeers help launch new releases, and tech writers write release notes. Each can now be directly linked to strategy, releases, and roadmap work requiring their skills and expertise. Key things to know include the following:

    • You can select one or more Aha! users within a user custom field.

    • User lists are based on users who are associated with that product in Aha! as a product owner, contributor, reviewer, or viewer.

    • It can be used for both filtering and reporting.


  • A series of updates to the Aha! color palette have been rolled out and include the following improvements:

    • The number of colors available through the Aha! color picker for different reports has been increased from 40 to 65.

    • Default status colors for feature cards, feature status buttons, goals and initiatives buttons, progress bars, and releases have been updated for better distinction between shades.

    • Additional color options are available for all strategy components including goals and initiatives with 36 colors in all and default colors providing a clearer distinction between shades.

    • Custom tag colors have been updated with 36 colors in all that are 10% darker than the base color used for the Strategy components for greater disparity.

    • Release phase colors have been updated with 36 colors in all that are 30% lighter than the base color used for the strategy components for greater disparity.

  • Save as PDF has been added as a new option to the Add to Notebook menu. Similar to how you can save individual views as images (*.png file), you can now save and render views directly to a PDF that opens in a new tab.

  • A couple of usability improvements were made to idea portals for the handling of ideas submitted via email and for submit only portals.

    • Email templates can now be customized for submit only portals

    • You can now choose which portal ideas submitted via email are added to when you have more than one portal per product. This is configured in Settings - Product - Configure ideas through the Ideas portal for emailed ideas dropdown.

  • The modal confirmation window used to confirm an action has been moved from the browser default window into a new modal window within the application. The new window not only looks nicer but will also prevent the accidental selection of the checkbox that appeared in the browser window to "Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs" which would prevent future confirmations from working.


  • The Competitor matrix view in Strategy - Overview - Competitors has an arrow on the left margin to Show your products which would expand the list of products. However, once the list was expanded, there wasn't a way to re-collapse the list. This has been corrected.