February 2, 2015 release notes


  • You can now Visualize your release and feature schedules on the Releases Portfolio view. By adding due-dates to features and visualize ownership we’ve been able to extend our portfolio roadmap functionality to benefit the entire product team. This is the best way for product teams to visualize their upcoming releases and feature dependencies and provides:

    • Portfolio planning (view schedules for many products all on one screen)

    • Feature planning (view start and end dates for features if you schedule features or stories)

    • Feature dependencies (view dependencies within a product or across products)

    • Engineering resource and capacity management (view which engineers have been assigned to what features if you manage that in Aha!)

  • Integration with SAML 2.0 / ActiveDirectory/OneLogin: Single sign-on, known as SSO, allows users of your Aha! account to login using your existing SAML enabled identity provider such as Active Directory, OneLogin, PingIdentity, and many more. This means users don't have to keep track of yet another email and password, and makes provisioning new users a breeze.

  • Publish your parking lots to your notebooks! Parking lots can be shown or hidden on your Features Board screen by clicking on the show/hide chevron icon. When you show them and add to a notebook, they will be published as part of that screen. When you hide them, only the releases will be shown in your notebook.

  • Custom fields for products can now be created.

  • Custom workflow can now be used for Master releases.


  • Idea visualization and reporting improvements on voting enable you to see who's voted on what feature (Link next to VOTED on Idea detail) and to filter to see all ideas for which a user has voted (Ideas List view).

  • You can now create users for and add comments to Ideas via the Developer's API.

  • You can now remove a link between an idea and a feature or "unpromote" an idea.

  • You can now import original and remaining estimates for features when using Import from CSV.

  • We fixed using @mention and # mention in the create menu (e.g.: for a feature or to-do) and in Firefox.

  • You can no longer link features to a goal and initiative that has been completed or abandoned.

  • Remove features easily from the Releases Portfolio view by clicking on the "x" that appears to the right of any feature you hover over. You can also remove them by simply deleting the due date (features cannot be visualized on the Release Portfolio screen unless they have a due date).

  • JIRA table handling has been improved so that when sending to JIRA, we correctly handle tables that contain multiple paragraphs or bulleted lists.