Aha! Knowledge | Inline comments

To add an inline comment directly to text in your note document, highlight the text you want to comment on and click the Add comment + icon that appears on the right side of the text editor. Your text will be highlighted and underlined in orange, the Comments sidebar will appear, and you can start creating your comment.

a document with inline comments added

Inline comments include almost everything in the Aha! text editor. Mention individual Aha! users in your account, insert tables to structure your thoughts, and even embed images or other media to make your comment more visual. Click Save comment once you are done.

Click Resolve to resolve a comment. Resolved comments disappear from the list of comments unless you choose to show them by checking the Show resolved checkbox at the top of the Comments sidebar. (You can hide them again by unchecking that box.) If you choose to show resolved comments, text highlighted and underlined in green will indicate a resolved comment, and you will see a collapsed list of resolved comments in the Comments sidebar. If you reply to a resolved comment, it will become unresolved again.

Through the More options button, you can also Copy a link to your comment — so you can directly reference it elsewhere — or Delete it.

You can add a general comment to a workspace document from the Comments tab at the bottom of the document.