Aha! Knowledge | Improve text with AI

Improve written text to eliminate errors and experiment with writing style. Use AI to proofread, shorten, or summarize text, improve readability, and rewrite in a different tone.

Use your mouse to highlight the content you want to edit. Then click the wand icon in your text editor toolbar. Next to Rewrite this text to, describe how you want AI to change the text. Then click Draft.

You will see the AI modal draft your new content. After it is complete, you will have several options:

  • Use Redraft for an alternate version of your content using the same prompt.

  • Use Edit prompt if the results are close to what you were looking for but you would like to provide additional instructions.

  • Use Insert after to add the AI-generated content after the highlighted content. This is useful when you want to compare two versions of the same paragraph.

  • Click Replace to remove the original text and replace it with the AI-generated text.

When you replace your written text with the AI-generated text, your original text will be deleted from your document — but you will be able to access it on the document's history if you need to reference or retrieve it.