Aha! Ideas | Archive or delete a workspace

In Aha! Ideas, you can create multiple workspaces and workspace lines to mirror your company, product, or services hierarchy. If that hierarchy changes, you can move workspaces to a new workspace line or remove workspaces and lines from your Aha! Ideas workspace hierarchy.

There are two ways to remove workspaces from your workspace hierarchy.

  • Archive: Archived workspaces are recoverable. Most customers archive workspaces when they are no longer needed, in case they ever need to refer back to the workspaces' data.

  • Delete: The data in deleted workspaces is not recoverable. Deleting workspaces is common when you are using a workspace as a sandbox environment to experiment with Aha! Ideas ideas workflows or settings.

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Archive workspaces or workspace lines

When you are finished with a workspace or workspace line and want to hide it from your workspace hierarchy, remove all of the users from the workspace by navigating to Settings ⚙️ Account Users. This will hide the workspace from all of the users without deleting any data. You can unarchive the workspace by giving permission back to users. You will need to be an administrator with billing permissions to do this.

Go to Settings ⚙️ Account Workspaces.

  1. Create a new workspace line called "Archived workspaces" or something similar.

  2. Click on the workspace you want to archive to edit it. Switch the workspace line it currently belongs to over to the newly created "Archived workspaces" workspace line.

  3. Click Save.

If the workspace or workspace line you want to archive is a child of a workspace line and users are granted permission at the workspace line level, then they will still be able to see the workspace. In that case, you will need to remove the workspace from the workspace line to make it invisible to the users. You will need to be an administrator with customization privileges to do this.


Export data before deleting

If you need to export any data prior to deleting your workspace, there are a few different ways to do so:

  1. Create a list report, save it, and then click Share CSV file.

  2. Use the API to extract rich information.

There is no standard data format that supports all of the Aha! Ideas data types, so there is no universal bulk export feature.


Delete workspaces or workspace lines

Deleting a workspace is permanent. You will not be able to recover any of the data associated with the workspace. Make sure that you and your team do not need to access any info about this workspace again before deleting it.

You can delete workspaces and workspace lines by navigating to Settings ⚙️ Account Workspaces. You will need to be an administrator with customization privileges to do this.

Use the expandable workspace hierarchy on the Workspaces page to find the workspace or workspace line you wish to delete. Next to the Delete button, you will see a count of all records and users associated with that workspace. Click Delete to delete the workspace.

If you are deleting several child workspaces and workspace lines, we recommend you delete the workspaces first. This is because it's common to inherit permissions from workspace lines, so if you delete one, you lose all permissions to the workspaces beneath them.