Aha! Develop | Install an extension

You can install extensions at two times: during development and using the Aha! Develop user interface.

You need to be an administrator with customization permissions to install an extension in your Aha! Develop account. Once installed, every Aha! Develop user can choose to Enable an extension in their personal settings.

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Install extensions during development

An extension is installed into Aha! Develop using the aha-cli. Within the directory containing the extension, in the same directory as the package.json file, run this command:

$ aha extension:install
Installing extension 'aha-develop/github'
contributes attributes: 'links'
contributes pages: 'prs'
contributes commands: 'createBranch'
contributes commands: 'sync'
contributes endpoints: 'webhook'
contributes events: 'labels'
Compiling... done
Uploading... done

This will create the extension if it didn't previously exist in the Aha! Develop account. It will then upload the code from the current directory. If the extension already existed (based on the extension identifier), the code is updated but no other changes are made.

During the development process, the aha-cli extension:watch command can be used to automatically upload the extension each time a file is saved.


Install extensions using the user interface

When development on an extension is finished, aha-cli can be used to create a single file for the extension:

$ aha extension:build

This will generate a file with a name based on the identifier of the extension and ending in .gz. If this file is uploaded so that it is accessible over HTTPS, then it can be installed directly in the Aha! Develop user interface using a URL like:

http://secure.aha.io/settings/account/extensions/install?url=<URL of .gz file>