August 19, 2022 release notes

New to Aha! Roadmaps, Aha! Ideas, and Aha! Develop

You can now use the new Calendar view to create and store notes by date. View personal and workspace notes for any date from your My work page.

Use the calendar view to manage your daily notes in Aha! Roadmaps.


  • Whiteboard objects that have been converted to ideas are now linked. Click the link icon on a whiteboard object to open the idea's detail drawer.

  • When you are a watcher on a parent note in a workspace's notes hierarchy, you will now also be a watcher on any note added beneath it as a child note. See the parent note you are watching from its child note beneath the note's Watchers.

  • Columns on the workflow board in Aha! Develop now display a count of how many records are in each status.

  • We have updated the URL structure for Aha! links. This enables you to use GitHub and GitLab's auto-linking features for Aha! records.

  • Customers using the Salesforce integration can now map Aha! and Salesforce user fields, such as Account owner. Click Reload configuration in your Salesforce integration's Mappings to reveal and map available Salesforce user fields.