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Purplebullseye.0d29cf5e3a2c5a357aec70d985664c6dStrategy first

You need to know where you are going in order to get there. Put goals and initiatives first to link a “red thread of strategy” through your roadmap to the actual work.

Yellowbulb.4e5b1af8e51560186e361fe7e330f7d4Crowdsource ideas

Capture customer and colleague ideas in one place via a custom branded portal. Rank them on value and effort and promote the ones that matter to features. And automatically alert the idea submitter when their idea is a reality.

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Bluenine.35b9929a099299d4b98ec9d1fd5b41a6Define features and requirements

Centralize and detail your user stories. Clearly define what needs to be built. Easily drag and drop cards and quickly drill in to add more information and update status.

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Overview features.230fac6d14c00b103e64caa3b565713d

Redlist.f74c42d864de6e86c552ea756b0d286eShare beautiful roadmaps

Doing great work is about big ideas and sharing your brilliant plans with the team. Choose from six visual roadmap templates to craft the perfect view for any audience. Publish your roadmap as an image, PDF, or secure web presentation.

File icons.eaebd9ddee858b391a52855440251ee4 Roadmap share.19ab0f72d4f4bd83c53f3f5e48e4f529
Roadmap custom.fddf377fc6ec4ead7cf795f2141f8042

Maroonlist.63033ddd023170b1c0cabaae9d7d656bAnalyze everything

Report on the information you enter in Aha! without spending hours duplicating and manipulating data in spreadsheets. Measure and learn from what's being developed.

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Bluegear.b786c4542e7346debedb99663b00a8a0Make it yours

Customize the navigation, layouts, workflow, and status to make Aha! work for your team. Go ahead and use our powerful API or choose from dozens of integrations with the applications you already love.

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Roadmap software to manage your products.
Finally, connect strategy to execution.