How lovable is your product?

What it will take for customers to love you, not tolerate you. Forget the MVP and build the MLP (minimum lovable product).

Aha! Product Lovability Index

Answer a few questions and we will tell you how lovable your product is.
How many of these 15 innovation characteristics are true for your company?

Company Size

Aha! Indicators


We start with the big ideas
Good product ideas are adopted no matter who suggests them
We are open to copying other ideas and improving them
We are recognized as thought leaders
We take calculated risks with our products


We have empathy for our customers
Our products are easy to use
We recommend best practices to our customers
We use our products internally
Customers love our support


Our products work
Employees prioritize fixing customer problems ahead of pushing their own agenda
Problems are clearly defined before solutions are sought
We often throw things out and start over
We measure how we are doing