Strategy puts business goals first

Great products start with a clear vision and business model that explains the customer and market forces that will shape the product's direction

Set Your Vision

Get your business planning out of PowerPoint and allow it to guide your roadmap.
Explain the market, competition, and your winning product vision.


Build a Business Model

Use the Aha! Business Model Builder to describe your key value proposition,
go-to-market plans, resources, and how you will pursue your objectives.

Canvas based on work by Leanstack and Business Model Foundry licensed CC BY-SA 3.0

Track Goals

Highlight your objectives and KPIs by product that you plan on achieving.
Track your goals so the team knows how they are performing against them.


Align Strategic Initiatives

Identify your key strategic initiatives and map them to your goals.
Initiatives allow you to explain the high level efforts that you will invest in.


Define Personas

Paint a picture of your customers by creating custom personas.
Describe everything about them and link them directly to features.


Monitor Competitors

Create in-depth profiles on key competitors and share the info with the team.
Capture strategic information such as revenue, customers, and growth rate.


Highlight the Business Value of Releases

Link releases and features with strategic initiatives.
Unlock a "business value" roadmap view that you can share with sales, marketing and executives.

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