Report on everything product management

The reporting features you need to analyze what’s happening without spending hours of time duplicating data and manipulating spreadsheets.

Create Visual Reports

Visualize everything in Aha! without having to enter the same roadmap data twice.
Get out of spreadsheets and report on everything product management in one place.


Easily Generate Detailed Charts

Visualize and quantify what the team has accomplished.
Customize beautiful charts to make them your own.


Make Better Product Decisions

Quickly determine the value your team is delivering each month.
Analyze feature score data to determine which user stories to prioritize next.


Report Across the Product Portfolio

Analyze and report on what is planned across your entire product portfolio.
Create custom lists and tables by selecting from over 100 data objects that you have entered in Aha!


Create Custom List Views

Build a list view with any columns of data that you are interested in reporting on.
After adding the columns you can re-organize them and add filters as well.


Create Custom Pivot Tables

Pivot tables are a great way to visualize data.
Select the data that you want to report on and customize the table layout and coloring to make them your own.


Save Your Reports

Create powerful reports once and save the views.
Share saved views with your team so everyone is looking at the same information.


Beautiful Custom Reports

Choose from multiple styles and themes for your reports.
Adjust colors to match names, status, and custom fields.


One tool to manage your entire product portfolio.
Lead product like you always wanted and be happy.