Better release management

Regardless of what development methodology you use -- you must plan for what the team will deliver and when they will deliver it.

Better Release Planning

Stop continually tweaking roadmap slides. Build them dynamically and have your team automatically notified when something changes.


Highlight the Business Value of Releases

Tag releases and features with strategic imperatives and unlock a "business value" roadmap view that you can share with sales, marketing and executives.


Work with Engineering to do Capacity Planning

Ensure that the features and requirements that you have prioritized can likely be finished during the upcoming sprint or by the release date. Set capacity by release and effort by feature.


Visualize Feature Dependencies

When you link two features together – you can see the relationship clearly. This is helpful for product and project management teams who are managing cross-product dependencies.


Track Releases to See if You are on Track

Use the progress chart to better understand if you are on track and what it will take to deliver a release to meet a specific launch date.


Record Releases as Shipped

It’s easy to complete your roadmap planning and move validated features to engineering to build.
Once they deliver, go back and mark a release as shipped to record what was delivered when.


Beautifully easy to manage your products in one place.
Lead product like you always wanted and be happy.