Share visual product plans and roadmaps

Building great product is about big ideas and team collaboration. Customize how you want to present your roadmap based on the audience and securely share it.

Publish Anything

Take nearly any view from Aha! and publish it as part of a Notebook via a PDF or secure web page. You can now proudly share your product plans and roadmap and the genius that went into them and easily keep everyone up-to-date. Notebooks can be shared with anyone (including non Aha! users).


Create Beautiful Notebooks

You can select which views you want to publish as part of a Notebook. For example, choose to include your strategy, initiatives, roadmap, and select features to explain where the product is headed. When you want to include a view in a Notebook, simply select the Add to Notebook button.


Customize Roadmap Views

Use the roadmap pivot table to create the views you need of initiatives, releases, and features across your product portfolio. Use the provided templates or simply pull the fields you want into the right positions.


Analyze What's Being Delivered

Turn views in the roadmap pivot table into charts to visualize your roadmap and where you are investing energy and resources in terms of releases and features.


Securely Share PDFs or Web Pages

When you are done selecting the views you want to share, have organized them into the proper order, and customized a title page, you can publish the Notebook as a PDF or Web page. If you select a Web page, the URL is secure and will not be indexed by search engines.


Custom Branding

Notebooks can be custom branded and so can the Aha! application.


Control Who Sees What and When

Stay in control of who sees what and when. Sometimes as features and dates change, you want your published Notebooks to automatically reflect the new reality. However, more often than not you want to decide when to present the latest so you have the necessary time to communicate what's happened.


One tool to manage your entire product portfolio.
Lead product like you always wanted and be happy.