Manage product information in one place

Stop the Excel + bug system madness. You need one tool to focus on strategy, releases, and prioritize key features.

Add Product Notes

Create wiki-like notes to capture and share additional product and team related information (e.g. meeting notes, competitive research, user personas)


Manage Users

Product teams are comprised of lots of folks. We get that.
Set user permissions by product and assign each person one of five roles.


Record the Product Description Once

How many times have you had to describe what the product does and how it should be positioned?
Write it down once and point the product team to it, so everyone is speaking truth.


Track Changes

We all change our minds, and products are dynamic.
All text edits and deletions are tracked so you always have a record of what has changed and when.


One tool to manage your entire product portfolio.
Lead product like you always wanted and be happy.