Capture and prioritize new ideas

Bring customers, employees, and other stakeholders to the innovation table. Create a branded ideas portal and allow your users to submit and vote on features.

Crowdsource Ideas

Capture ideas from customers, employees, and others via a custom branded portal.
Voting makes it easy to know what people think.


Engage the Community

Communicate directly with idea submitters.
Provide "official" responses and automatically notify people when idea status changes.


Manage All Ideas

The dashboard gives you a complete view of all ideas.
Easily track the status of ideas and your top contributors.


Capture the Details

Capture key information about an idea including submitter, title, description,
tags, attachments, custom fields, comments and who needs to review it.


Visualize Idea Value

Use an Aha! Scorecard to assess the priority of an idea based on impact
and effort or customize the metrics that you want to use.


Promote Ideas to Features

View all of your ideas and customize the columns and filters.
Promote the key ideas to features and track their progress.


Choose the Perfect Type of Portal

Set up a portal per product if you want.
Choose from three options: submit only, private or public.


Customize Your Portal

Fully brand your portal. Use your logo and make it
your own with custom CSS and JavaScript.


One tool to manage your entire product portfolio.
Lead product like you always wanted and be happy.