Feature and requirements management

The tools you need to describe exactly what customers want. Clearly define features and requirements and prioritize them based on business value.

Organize Features By Release and Priority

View features as cards and drag and drop them into planned releases.
Then drag them into priority order and store unscheduled items in the parking lot backlog.


Give Engineers What They Need

Describe exactly what customers want by clearly defining features and requirements.
Add as much detail as you need and attach documents or images as well.


Explain the Aha! Score of Each Feature

You can stop arguing about why one feature is more important than another.
Customize your scoring system and record the business impact of each feature.


View and Export All of Your Features

Sometimes, you just need to be able to view all of your features and easily export them.
Slice and dice views of your features and customize the columns and filters.


Manage Your Workflow

See the status of your projects in real time — and what your colleagues are working on as well.
Configure your workflow board and create new views to customize as needed.


Incorporate Design

Designers are people too and great product requires brilliant usability.
Get the most out of design by integrating mockups directly into the roadmapping process.


Capture All Comments and Get Out of Email

Everyone has an opinion about what a feature should do.
Capture all email feedback in a comment stream and refine user stories over time.


One tool to manage your entire product portfolio.
Lead product like you always wanted and be happy.