Aha! Whiteboards | Group, align, and reorder content

Once you have added multiple items to a whiteboard, you can customize your whiteboard's layout by grouping, aligning, and ordering content. Aligning content can help you create neater, more visually appealing diagrams, flowcharts, and mind maps. And if you have multiple overlapping objects, select their order to show dimension or illustrate sequences.

multiple sticky notes selected on a whiteboard with the bulk editing menu open
  • To group content: select the area around the items you want to group or hold the Shift key and click them one by one. Then use the Group button to group objects. Use the Ungroup button to reverse your action. Double-click an image in a group to edit it individually without ungrouping.

  • To align objects: select the area around the objects or hold the Shift key and click them one by one. Then use the Align button to align the objects.

  • To reorder content: If you have placed objects that are on top of one another or overlapping, you can customize their order by selecting and object and clicking the More options button. From here, you can choose to Bring to front or Send to back.