Aha! Whiteboards | Frames

Whiteboards provide infinite space to ideate, sketch, and diagram. As you add objects, your whiteboard will expand to provide even more space for you to use.

a frame on a whiteboard with its toolbar open showing the visibility icon

The more content you add to your whiteboard, the more necessary it becomes to keep it tidy. Frames are perfect for organizing diagrams, templates, and other content you add to your whiteboard. Add frames and build diagrams within them or a draw a frame around content you have already added to your whiteboard.

  • From your toolbar, select the frame icon and draw your frame.

  • Rename your frame by editing its Title field. The label you enter here will be used for the frame navigation in the lower right corner of your whiteboard.

Frames will appear in your navigation in the order that they were added to your whiteboard.