Report on workspace documents

Documents in your Aha! account support product development at every step. You use notes to keep track of action items and drafting PRDs (product requirements documents), and you collaborate in whiteboards to build out user journeys and hold structured sprint reviews. You use documents for everything. In fact, you may have as many documents in your workspace as you do features on your features board.

If you are using your workspace documents as a central place for product information, it is natural that as your product grows, so will the product knowledge hub you have built. You may even have a large scale internal knowledge base on your hands that you need to keep updated. Report on workspace documents in your Aha! account so you can gain visibility into various details about your documents, like when they were last updated, which tags are added, and more. This gives you a detailed inventory of your documentation to help you efficiently plan a content audit when the need arises.

Build your report

  • Navigate to your Reports Overview and select Create report.

  • In the report modal, choose whether you want to Start with record type or Start with report layout. Regardless of how you begin, select Documents as your record type when you reach the Select records step, and select Create your own after selecting your report type.

    You can report on documents in list reports, pivot tables, and charts, but not in roadmaps or relationship report types.

  • In the Select records step, choose Documents only or Documents with workspaces depending on what you want to see in your report.

  • In the Add fields step, customize the record hierarchy that you want to see in your report. If you are creating anything more complex than a simple list report, like a pivot or chart, you will also customize the layout of your record data in this step.

  • Add filters to narrow in on the documents data you want to see in the Add filters step.

  • Click Create report.

After you have built your report, you can add additional fields to columns or cells as needed. You can also filter your report by custom fields you have added to your documents to narrow in on the data you want to see. Filter documents by Tag to find all the documents in your selected workspaces that have a specific tag added. Or filter by document type for a list of all your notes or whiteboards across selected workspaces. Use the document last active filter to find documents that were last edited within a specific time frame.

If you are using Aha! Roadmaps or Aha! Ideas with Aha! Knowledge Advanced and have published a knowledge base, you can report on your knowledge base's publish events. This enables you to track when your knowledge base was last updated and by whom.