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From product strategy and requirements to launch plans and release notes, you document every stage of your work. And even though you know your product best, you can still experience writer’s block when you start planning or writing from scratch. The template library in Aha! Roadmaps gives you a head start — with expert templates to support your documentation at every stage of the product development lifecycle.

Aha! template library

Use the whiteboard and note templates in your template library to brainstorm ideas, draft product roadmaps, build business models, prepare for customer interviews, create meeting agendas, and more.

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Access the template library

Create a new document to access the template library:

  • To select and add a template to team or workspace notes.

    • In Aha! Roadmaps, navigate to Notebook Documents.

    • In Aha! Ideas, navigate to Research Notes.

    • In Aha! Develop, navigate to Document Notes.

  • Navigate to your My work page to select and add a template to your personal notes.

Click + Add to add a document, then select Use a template to open the template library.

Templates will be listed alphabetically in your template gallery, but you can use search if you are looking for a specific template. Use the Categories listed on the left side of your template library to find templates to support a specific task or theme. If you have created custom note templates in your workspace settings, find them in the Custom section.

Click a template to open its details. From here, you can click Use template to start using it instantly or Learn more to view detailed guidance on the template.


Choose the right template for your needs

A tried-and-true template can be a blueprint for productivity. Use the note and whiteboard templates in the Aha! template library to save time and get a head start — whether you are preparing for a sprint retrospective or you are just starting to define your goals and product strategy.

Explore the categories in your template library to find the right template for your needs, and check out the examples for inspiration:


Start with why — define your strategic vision. Use templates to strategize your next business moves. Use templates in the Strategize category to define what you want to achieve.

Business model template in Aha! Notebooks

Get started: Use the business model whiteboard template to explore foundational questions about your business and refine your product strategy.



You are constantly gathering new data and insights into your work that you need ready at hand. Organize your research so that it is easier to digest. Use templates in the Research category to better understand customer and market needs.

Pros and cons large

Get started: Use the pros and cons whiteboard template to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of any approach — for improved clarity and decision-making.



Start your next collaborative session with structure and inspiration. Use templates in the Ideate category to spark your next great product idea.

Aha! Notebooks Brainstorming session template - Guides image

Get started: Use the brainstorming session whiteboard template to bring the team together to brainstorm ideas and identify the best solutions.



Visualize your early-stage plans — start with a roadmap template. Use templates in the Roadmap category to create a map where you are headed what will get you there.

Strategic roadmap whiteboard template

Get started: Use the strategic roadmap whiteboard template to visualize high-level initiatives and communicate your product direction, key investment areas, and timelines for major bodies of work.



Standardize the way you structure your planning documents and you will always have a clear playbook. Use templates in the Plan category help you provide clarity and foster alignment for your entire organization around initiatives and launches.

PRD note template in Aha! Notebooks

Get started: Use the PRD template to define product requirements — so you can communicate what you are building, who it is for, and how it will deliver value.



Build and deliver a winning product. Use templates in the Develop category to align your team on the best way to define and complete work, foster productive planning sessions, and more.

SAFe team sprint planning whiteboard template

Get started: Use the SAFe® sprint planning whiteboard template to help teams in the agile release train (ART) create an achievable sprint plan.



Have a successful product launch. Use templates in the Launch category to plan your go-to-market strategy and craft product announcements.

Create release notes with the product updates note template

Get started: Use the product updates notes template for sharing product announcements or release notes.



Prepare for a successful SAFe® PI planning session. Use templates in the SAFe® category to ensure everything organized correctly and captured as a clear actionable plan — so that everyone in the agile release train is aligned.

SAFe PI Board whiteboard template

Get started: Use the PI board template to gain alignment on what needs to be accomplished during the next program increment.


Career growth

Get on the right track in your career. Use these templates in the Career growth category to explore job titles, interview questions, resume templates, and salary ranges for product managers.

Screenshot of job interview template from Aha! Notebooks

Get started: Use the job interview note template to prepare and think about how you will articulate how your skills and experience when you interview for your next role.



Build better cross-functional processes and workflows. Use templates in the Teamwork category to drive alignment, stay organized, and foster productive collaborative sessions.

Example sprint retrospective created in Aha! Notebooks

Get started: Use the sprint retrospective whiteboard template to structure your meeting discussion, encourage team engagement, and document important action items.


Create custom templates

Every team works differently. You may find that the built-in templates in your template library are perfect for your team's workflow — but you may need a template more closely catered to your team's objectives and preferences. You can create a custom document template to have the perfect blueprint for your meeting, activity, or workflow that you can use to drive consistency across your team or workspace.

You will need owner permissions to create a document template.

  • To create a new document template, navigate to Settings ⚙️ Workspace Document templates. Then click Add document templates. Select Note or Whiteboard.

  • To create a template from a document you are currently editing, select the More options menu in the upper right corner of the document and select Save as template. Then enter a name for the template and click Create template.
    Note: You can only create templates from workspace documents.

Once added, you will find custom templates in the Custom section of the template library.


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