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Product development starts in a notebook — traditionally, a physical book with notes, ideas, lists, sketches, and coffee stains. The notebook menu in Aha! Roadmaps brings that physical book to the digital world, where you can ideate, collaborate, document, and plan together with your team.

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From meeting agendas to marketing guidelines, strategic planning often requires notes. Notes in Aha! Roadmaps are flexible and collaborative — use them to define team processes, train new members, collaborate in whiteboards, or any other use that comes to mind. Use the library of guided note and whiteboard templates to inspire creativity, drive consistency across teams, and establish a standard approach for documentation. Or create your own note templates to reflect your own tried-and-true documentation formats. If you need to collaborate or reference another note or another Aha! Roadmaps record, just @mention or #mention.

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Files can be attached throughout Aha! Roadmaps to help define workflows, manage successful releases, provide additional context, and any other way you may need to inform your work. The Files menu enables you to easily search and filter your entire workspace for images, PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Files can also be shared with others via Aha! presentations.

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