Aha! Roadmaps | Vision

Your vision provides a high-level view of the strategic opportunity your team is focused on, how you are going to pursue it, and the challenges that you will need to overcome. It captures the essence of what you want to achieve as a team.

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Create your vision

To create a strategic vision, navigate to Strategy Vision.

Strategic vision

The vision page has two sections: your vision components on the left and the visual diagram on the right.

On the left, use the Add component button to create components. Click and drag any component to reorder it in the list. Or click on any component to open its drawer view and modify its name, summary, color, and description. The component's Summary will appear in the visualization on the right.

On the right, click on any component to open its drawer view or click the dropdown arrow next to each component's name to switch it out. Use the two buttons in the upper left of the page to toggle between circles and boxes, and use the ⚙️Show <number> dropdown to choose how many components you would like to display in your visualization.

Beneath your visualization, you can add a description, assign watchers and to-dos, or start a discussion with comments.


Share your vision

Your vision is the perfect visual to include in a strategic presentation. Click the Share menu button to add your vision diagram to an Aha! Roadmaps presentation or to download it as a PDF or image. Click the Views dropdown to see reports and roadmaps that will show your vision in action.