Aha! Roadmaps | Manage presentation access

Aha! presentations provide an easy way to organize roadmaps, reports, and other information from your Aha! account and then share it with external audiences. As you begin to circulate your presentation, you may want to invite other Aha! Roadmaps users to collaborate with you. You might also want to consider configuring security settings to restrict access to your presentation.

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Add collaborators to a presentation

Initially, only the user who creates the presentation can edit it, but other users can also be added as collaborators. Collaborators are other users in your account that have access to edit your presentation within Aha! Roadmaps.

To add collaborators to your presentation:

  1. Go to Roadmaps Library Presentations and then click on a presentation in the list.

  2. Click the More options button on the top-right corner of the page and select Manage collaborators. If you want to collaborate on a presentation with someone else from your team, you can give them access by selecting their name. Each collaborator will be able to view, edit, and add more pages to the presentation.

If you are using a presentation to create a presentation theme and apply consistent branding across multiple presentations, collaborators on the presentation where you have created a theme can also adjust the theme layouts for that theme.

When you are ready to publish the presentation, click Generate secure webpage, Generate PDF, or Download PDF.


Change presentation ownership

Aha! administrators can take control of any presentation.

To change the owner of a presentation:

  1. Go to Roadmaps Library Presentations and click the More options button beside a presentation, then click View details.

  2. In the presentation's drawer view, click the More options button again, and then select Take over.

  3. Click the Take over button to immediately transfer ownership to yourself.


Web presentation security

When you create a web presentation, Aha! Roadmaps generates a secure link that will not be indexed by search engines. You can then share that link as desired with the proper stakeholders. Links display on the page cards to quickly navigate to the view in Aha! Roadmaps If the card represents a saved view, it will also include a bookmark icon to the left of the hyperlink.

You can add additional protection to a presentation by requiring a password to access it. Navigate to the Export button in the upper right of your screen and select Share as webpage. Find the Sharing settings. From here, you can change the password or remove it completely. Users will need to re-enter the password if it changes.

You can go to Settings ⚙️ Account Security and single sign-on and restrict web presentation access to Aha! users only. This adds another layer of protection on who can access presentations.

Enterprise+ customers should be mindful that if IP based access control has been enabled on your account, any users trying to access the presentation from outside of the specified IP addresses will be blocked.