Aha! Roadmaps | Migrate from a product to a marketing workspace

Aha! Roadmaps workspaces are designed to help you plan, launch, and manage breakthrough marketing campaigns and ongoing programs. By moving from a product to a marketing workspace, you get access to a workspace that is built specifically for marketing teams.

Marketing workspaces offer creative briefs, an interactive marketing calendar, and customized terminology for marketers. Plus, you get the added benefit of knowing that you are prepared to start using any new features that are added to marketing workspaces in the future.

For most customers, we recommend creating a fresh new workspace for all new work and then retiring your old workspace when existing work is complete. For customers who would like to migrate existing data from a product to a marketing workspace, we have a few tools available to help you make the move.

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Migrate individual records

To migrate records from a product workspace to a marketing workspace, start by creating a marketing workspace in your existing Aha! Roadmaps account. Once your workspace has been created, the following records can be moved individually to your new workspace:

  • Strategic models

  • Positioning

  • Competitors

  • Personas

  • Notes

To migrate individual records:

  1. Navigate to the model, positioning, competitor, persona, or note that you would like to migrate from a product to a marketing workspace.
    Note: When you move a parent note, the child notes will move too.

  2. Click the More details button that appears in the upper-right corner.

  3. Choose the Move action and select the name of your new workspace.


Migrate records in bulk

Before you migrate records, it is critical that you update your new workspace to match the configuration settings from your existing workspace. To make sure these settings match, it is best to have the Settings ⚙️ Workspace page for your existing product workspace open alongside the Settings ⚙️ Workspace page for your new workspace. Then, read through the article on bulk editing to make sure you understand how bulk editing can affect your records.

Complete the following prior to bulk editing records from a product to a workspace:

  1. Scorecards: If you are using scorecards, you should ensure that the destination workspace has applied the same scorecard(s) as your existing workspace. Setting up your scorecard.

  2. Workflows: You need to make sure that the workflow statuses and types for goals, initiatives, schedules (releases), epics, activities (features), requirements, and ideas are an exact match to the workflow statuses and types of your old workspace prior to bulk editing records to the new workspace. You can do this by verifying and/or creating workflows that match your existing workspace. Configure statuses and workflows.

  3. Custom layouts: You should update your new workspace to use the same custom layouts as your workspace. Configure custom layouts.

  4. Ideas: If you are moving ideas, you should make sure that the new workspace has a matching workflow, scorecard, and categories, which are located at Settings ⚙️ Workspace Configure and Settings ⚙️ Workspace Categories.

  5. Settings: If your old space was using settings like epics, capacity planning, or card customizations, these will need to be re-enabled in your new workspace.

  6. Integrated records: If you are integrated with Rally or Jira, you should configure the integration in your new workspace using the same template as your workspace prior to moving the records to ensure the integration links persist. See our support article on moving records with Jira or Rally. If you are using an integration other than the 2.0 integration with Jira or Rally, the links will no longer work with your new workspace. You will need to manually re-create the integration and update records one-by-one.

  7. Move custom tables: If you are an Enterprise+ customer using custom tables, these will need to be moved to the new workspace. Follow these steps to move the custom table from one workspace to another:

    • Navigate to Roadmaps List.

    • Create a list report with your custom table as the primary record.

    • Add appropriate filters to focus on the records you would like to move.

    • Check all checkboxes for the records you would like to move.

    • Click Bulk Edit.

    • Select the new workspace.

    • Click Update.

  8. Move records: Once you have configured your new workspace to match the configuration of the existing workspace, you can begin performing bulk edits. We recommend that you move one or two records before performing large bulk edits, to verify that you have correctly configured the new workspace.

Note: If you would like to preserve your links to goals and initiatives then you must move them to the new workspace BEFORE moving the other record types. Workspace line goals and initiatives must be moved one at a time, before moving the other record types. Also, it is important to note that when you move an initiative to a new marketing line or workspace, the links between releases and the initiative are lost. You will need to re-add these links in the new workspace. Further, be aware that after you move the goals and initiatives, your records will be linked to goals and initiatives that reside in your new marketing line or workspace. Do not remove these links. They cannot be re-added until the goal or initiative is added to the new marketing line or workspace.

The following records can be migrated in bulk:

  • Goals

  • Initiatives

  • Releases (Schedules)

  • Epics

  • Features (Activities)

  • Requirements

  • Ideas

  • Custom tables

To bulk edit records from a product to a marketing workspace:

  1. Choose the workspace where your records reside.

  2. Navigate to Roadmaps List.

  3. Create a new report for the data record type.

  4. Select all records that you would like to move.

  5. For goals, initiatives, releases, ideas, and custom tables — change the workspace.

    Note: When you move a release, any epics, features, and requirements assigned to that release will move with it.


Reports and users

To add access to your new workspace, new users can be added and user permissions can be modified at Settings ⚙️ Account Users.

To continue using any existing reports or roadmaps, you will likely need to either update them with a new filter or re-create them to reflect the new workspace records. To continue using existing reports, these updates will need to be made on a report-by-report basis.


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