Jira error: "Remote error for 'installed': Unhandled error: STATUS=405"

When you first test the Jira integration, you may get this error if your Jira instance is not running the latest version.

The problem is that Aha! is trying to create a new custom field via the Jira REST API, but older API versions don't support this operation. There is a simple workaround - you can create the field manually:

  1. Create a new custom field in your Jira instance.

  2. The custom field must be a URL type and be named exactly "Aha! Reference." Aha! will use this field to store the link back to the related feature for each issue.

  3. The field should be added to the default screen.

Aha! will recognize this field next time you click "Load project data" and won’t try to recreate it.

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