Feature status mapping is not inherited from integration configuration template


The feature status mapping in your Jira integration configuration template is not being inherited correctly by one or more of your other products using the template.


There are two situations that can cause this issue to occur.

  1. The most common cause is that the feature workflows are different between the product where the Jira configuration template was configured and the product(s) linked to the template. To resolve this and ensure feature statuses are inherited correctly from the configuration template, all products must be configured to use the same feature workflow.

    Feature workflows are assigned in Settings → Product → Configure (assignee, scorecard, capacity, workflow). This is a product-specific setting and cannot be applied at the product-line level, so be sure to select the desired product in the product drop-down.

  2. The second possible cause for this issue is that the two products use different statuses on the associated projects in Jira. To resolve this, either update the Jira projects to use the same issue statuses or uncheck the checkbox for the feature statuses section of the Aha! Jira integration, which is using the configuration template.

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