April 9, 2021 API update for ideas on April 17, 2021

Aha! will be updating the API for idea records in order to improve the experience of users who submit feedback in multiple portals. Now when your portal users view the My ideas and My votes pages, they will see all their relevant feedback — even if they submitted that feedback through another portal.

What is changing?

Most of the API will not be affected. However, beginning on April 17, three ideas portal user fields in the API will behave differently.

What is affected?

This update will impact custom applications or scripts that reference the following API fields:

  • created_by_portal_user field for ideas

  • endorsed_by_portal_user for idea endorsements (votes)

  • idea_commenter_portal_user for idea comments

If a user has created an account in multiple portals using the same email address, the fields listed above may return the incorrect user.

What should I do?

If your team has a custom application or script using the Aha! API for idea records, check with your developers to see if you use the fields listed above. If so, update your application to reference the new corresponding fields:

  • created_by_idea_user for ideas

  • endorsed_by_idea_user for idea endorsements (votes)

  • idea_commenter_idea_user for idea comments

The new parameters will not be accepted by the API until April 17th. If you expect usage of the API prior to this date, we recommend making your updates on this date.

Please contact support@aha.io if you have any questions.