June 12, 2020 release notes


This week, we introduced the ability to quickly generate a link to a note and share it as an external webpage.

Support - June 12, 2020 release notes - inline image


  • When you receive a notification for a comment on a record, you can now click on the hyperlinked commented text and be taken directly to the comment.

  • In addition to the existing Aha! Confluence integration for server or cloud, you can now also share your live Aha! views with Confluence data center.

  • The Aha! mobile app now supports dark mode for iOS 13 and Android 10.

  • Initiative, release, and master feature dates are now available as fields in worksheets and calculation columns.

  • You now have the ability to reference ideas at the workspace level in worksheets.

  • Ideas arrays can now be filtered in worksheet equations. Array filtering helps you customize the results of your equation.

  • Worksheets can now reference the assigned_to_user field for initiatives.


  • When using the AVG function in worksheets, an issue was causing blank fields to be calculated as zero.

  • Required fields in the idea creation layout are no longer enforced for ideas created via inbound email.