April 19, 2019 Jira authentication update

We have been notified by Atlassian that a change is underway that will affect the way some Aha! accounts authenticate to the Jira Cloud API. In short, Atlassian has chosen to move away from password authentication for accessing the Jira Cloud API. You must now authenticate with Jira using an API token.

What is changing?

Atlassian will soon require all integrations with Jira Cloud to use API tokens rather than passwords for authentication. Any Aha! integrations that still use a password for authentication will soon begin receiving a 403 error when sending or receiving updates.

Who is affected?

Aha! customers who are using 1.0 or 2.0 Jira Cloud integrations with password-based authentication. If you are already using an API token to authenticate with Jira, you do not need to update your integration. On-premise Jira customers can continue using passwords. Customers using Jira via Connect do not need to make updates.

When is this change happening?

Atlassian does not have a firm timeline for completely removing support of password authentication but they have shared that it could happen as soon as the end of April. We recommend immediately updating your integrations.

How do I update my integration?

For Jira 2.0 integrations, follow these instructions to update your authentication method from user/password to API token for each one of your Jira integrations.

  1. The first step is to create an API token in Jira. Follow these instructions from Jira on how to create an API token for your user account.

  2. Navigate to Settings Product and select your Jira integration. Note: If your integration setup uses an integration template, you only need to update the template.

  3. Navigate to the Configure Account integration step.

  4. Paste the Jira API token from step 1 into the Password field and save. Important note: For Jira Cloud customers, the Jira user's email address must be used in the Username field.

If you are using a Jira 1.0 integration, you can update the password in the integration settings.