March 15, 2019 release notes


This week, we added the ability to perform calculations on data within list reports. You can now turn product and marketing data into actionable insights by adding simple and complex equations to your reports.

List reports now include the ability to add calculation columns. When you add a calculation column, the Equation builder modal opens. This is where you can combine field values with functions and operators to create a formula that helps you analyze and demonstrate your progress and results.

Calculation columns can be created on list reports, then presented on pivot tables, charts, and custom roadmap reports.


  • The features board has been improved with a new button for quickly adding features and master features to a release.

  • Column widths can now be customized on list and pivot reports by dragging the right side of a column to the desired width. Column widths can also be customized on the Features List and Ideas List pages.

  • The ability to @mention users in text descriptions has been enhanced to display the users' email addresses when you are mentioning a first and last name that is the same for more than one user.

  • A number of changes have been made to terminology used in marketing workspaces. After listening to the feedback from our customer base, the following changes have been made to terminology to help teams more effectively manage their marketing plans.

    • The top navigation for schedules has been changed to Plans.

    • Campaign records have been renamed to master activities. Note: Master activities are hidden by default but can be enabled via Settings Workspace Configure.

    • The secondary navigation for Reports Plans has been updated to Reports Roadmaps. Note: This section is hidden by default but can be enabled via Settings Workspace Navigation.

  • The Rally (CA Agile Central) 2.0 integration setup has been improved with a new Configure account step, which includes a Server URL dropdown for choosing your Rally server.

  • The Settings Product Import from CSV tool has been improved with the ability to import scorecard metric values for features and ideas.

  • Analytics reports have been improved with the ability to add Goal reference # and Initiative reference # (e.g. AHA-G-18, AHA-S-4, etc.). You can filter on these reference numbers by adding Goal name search and/or Initiative name search to your reports.


  • An issue with the ability to #reference records in text descriptions was causing personas, competitors, creative briefs, and products to show a pound sign instead of the record name.