February 28, 2018 user interface header redesign

We are about to bring a fresh, new look to Aha! A few months ago, we set out to explore how to improve the Aha! user experience. We set a goal to make it more consistent, approachable, and easier to navigate.

On February 28, 2018, we will roll out an update to the Aha! user interface header for all accounts.

The functional elements of Aha! will largely remain the same, but the new design provides:

  • Consistent page layouts and controls to help streamline work.

  • Icon-based controls to help you quickly identify and access core actions.

  • Updated color scheme to more effectively highlight the core information on each page.

Unified headers

Currently, some pages in the application have headers, while others do not. With this update, every page in the application will have a consistent header, making it easy to understand exactly where you are and the context of the information you are working on.

Consistent icon-based controls

Currently, each page has its own set of controls used to customize or export page-level information. The new user interface header will standardize the placement of core actions across the entire application through the introduction of icon-based controls. This will allow you to know exactly where to go when you need to add filters, customize views, or adjust dates.

Secondary controls, such as Actions and Export will be consolidated into a More options dropdown menu located at the top right of each page. Access to saved views and related views will continue to consolidated within a Views dropdown.

Updated color scheme

Currently, multiple colors are used across the application to call out different actions on each page. The updated color scheme will provide greater consistency in the use of colors and will provide greater differentiation between primary and secondary calls to action.

How to prepare for these updates

No action will be required from Aha! users in order for the changes to take effect.

Our Customer Success team, who are all former product managers, is here to help. If you have any questions about this upcoming change, you can email us at support@aha.io.