July 27, 2018 release notes


  • The new Aha! mobile app lets you view, edit, and add records from your iPhone®. Now you really can build product from anywhere.

    • Ready to get started? Download the app for iPhone® today.

    • Android users — we have not forgotten about you! We are hard at work and will have a gift for you in the coming months.


  • The new Access filter on the reports dashboard allows admins to view all reports regardless of whether they have been shared. This is helpful when cleaning up and organizing report folders.

  • When manually linking a record in Aha! with a development system, improvements have been made to error messaging when records cannot be found.

  • It is now possible to create a paid seat group that does not allow any paid seats in it (reviewers and viewers only).

  • When creating a new product line or product, it is now possible to select the parent product line via typeahead search.

  • Several updates have been made to improve performance throughout Aha!


  • When importing a record via a third party development system failed because a required field was missing, an unhelpful error message displayed. This has been updated so that the missing field is now included as part of the error message.

  • An error with integrations 2.0 for VSTS/TFS caused child work items to send to a different area in VSTS/TFS. This has been fixed so that child work items always send to the same area as their parent.

  • When an integration was configured to map the Aha! Score field, creating and updating records failed when the field was blank.