January 6, 2017 release notes


  • A new integration with GitLab Issues is now available and works in the same manner as the integration with GitHub Issues. It is a two-way integration that allows you to push your features and requirements in Aha! into GitLab as issues and to receive status updates back. Like all product level integrations, the integration can be added by clicking on Settings - Product - Integrations +. A detailed account of the setup instructions and key features are found on the integration configuration page.


  • The idea portal option for using a custom CNAME domain has been updated so that you now have the option to use your own SSL certificate or have it automatically issued and managed by Aha! This is a new setting configured in the Settings - Account - Configure idea portals - [choose portal] - Portal branding tab. A significant benefit of this change is that you can now have a custom idea portal domain name using HTTPS in the URL. If you choose to have the SSL certificate managed by Aha!, we automatically handle the certificate renewal process and updates for you. Existing CNAME implementations were automatically deployed using a SSL certificate managed by Aha! Customers can then choose to apply their own as desired.


  • Custom tables were not appearing in the Add new column dialog for Reports when custom terminology was being used. This has been corrected so that custom tables will now be available regardless of whether terminology is customized.

  • There was a bug impacting the use of search with the Zendesk integration when attempting to link a Zendesk ticket with an existing idea in the ideas portal. The issue seemed to be isolated to performing searches on the idea reference number. This has been corrected.

  • An image name text field was displaying incorrectly on Chrome and Safari when attaching an image and then attempting to rename the image. This has been fixed.