February 17, 2017 release notes


  • A recent enhancement to the idea portal login process prompts the user to first enter their email address to determine if they already have an Aha! application login. If not, they will be redirected to SSO (if configured for the portal). If the email entered is an Aha! registered email address they will be re-directed to login via Aha! instead. This is part of an effort to prevent the same user from having two separate portal logins that are recognized as two different users. Based on customer feedback, we have made the email prompt optional for SSO idea portals. The setting is called Access for Aha! users and it is found in the Settings - Account - Configure idea portals - Single sign-on tab in the SAML 2.0 configuration modal. It is selected by default and allows Aha! users to log in with their email address. Please note, disabling this option on custom CNAME portals will prevent Aha! users from accessing the portal.

  • A new data column Release month (external) has been added to the Release table for added roadmap reporting flexibility .

  • When linking any of the data elements to an idea through the Actions - Link to another record modal, the dropdown of related ideas in which to choose will no longer include ideas marked as spam.


  • Setting up a Slack channel to receive notifications of newly submitted idea descriptions only resulted in the Slack channel update including comments for that idea even though comments were not included in the Selected activities on the Slack integration configuration page. It was also including duplicate comments. This has been corrected.

  • Clicking on the search icon would often require two clicks -- one clicking the icon and a second to click in the search field -- before being able to type in the search string. This behavior was introduced with recent navigation changes. Behavior has been restored back to a single click for entering your search.