December 29, 2017 release notes


  • Integrations 2.0 for Jira now supports manually linking features in Aha! with Jira issues.

  • Jira via Connect integrations can now be automatically converted from 1.0 to 2.0.

  • Integrations 2.0 for Jira now supports two-way syncing for Jira Versions.

  • Users that belong to multiple accounts will now be presented with an account selection page on login.


  • The following fixes apply to integrations 2.0:

    • Integrations 2.0 enables the mapping of multiple statuses in Aha! to a single status in another system (and vice versa). When the status changed in one system, an issue caused the integration to erroneously update the status in the other, even though it was already in a valid status. This has been resolved.

    • A permissions issue required users to have an Aha! Administrator role in order to import items at the product level using integrations 2.0.

    • An error was presented for integrations based on templates if the template had no mappings configured; this scenario can occur when templates and their children are converted from 1.0 to 2.0 and the children are enabled before the templates.

    • The "Rally formatted_id" field was not being populated by the new Rally 2.0 integration.

  • An issue prevented new Slack integrations from being created.

  • Generating a new web version of an Aha! Notebook presented the login screen rather than the view that was added to the Notebook.

  • An issue prevented Github issues from being created.