September 9, 2016 release notes


  • The new Hierarchy report provides a powerful way to visualize multi-level relationships across your goals, initiatives, releases, and Features for a single product or across multiple tiers of your product portfolio. Here are some tips to help you get started:

    • This new report format is found in the Reports - Hierarchy tab.

    • Open the configuration modal by choosing Select Data to select records you want to report on.

    • You can filter specific columns directly from the report.

    • Note that there is a thicker line separating this report from the others. That is because the List, Pivot, Chart, and Timeline views will use the same data set if you select it on one report and then click on one of the other tabs. The data selections that you make in the Hierarchy report are unique to it.

    • To maximize the value of this new report, it is important to make sure that your product hierarchy is carefully set up to reflect your offerings and that goals, initiatives, releases, and features are linked to one another.


  • The Export Users csv report accessed on the Settings - Account - Users screen has been updated to include a new column called Added which shows the date the user was added to the account.

  • Using the summing the function in Reports - Pivot views was converting decimal numbers to an integer before doing the summing process which was impacting the precision. This has been modified so that the rounding is now performed after performing the summing process for improved precision.


  • Moving features with estimates from one release to another release with capacity planning enabled was not updating the release capacity bars appropriately for either the original release or the new target release. This has been corrected.

  • Creating new issues in the Github Issues integration was sporadically failing due to an issue introduced with the new label syncing feature. This has been addressed.

  • If a custom table was added to a product line and then linked to a record type on a child product (e.g. linked to features on the child product), typing in the picker in the feature details view was not loading records from the parent line custom table. This has been corrected.