September 30, 2016 release notes


  • The newly launched universal dependencies feature allows you to connect just about everything in Aha! for identifying and visualizing all dependency relationships involved in delivering on your roadmap plans. Relationships can be set between any initiative, release, release phase, milestone, feature, and idea by selecting the Link to another record option from the Actions menu for any of these data objects.

    • Setup within the Record link modal consists of the following:

      • Set the relationship type (e.g. Depends on)

      • Select the type of object you would like to link to using the drop-down menu on the left

      • Search for the record or records to add

    • Reporting and visualization options for these relationships are as follows:

      • Dependency relationships between initiatives can now be visualized on the Strategy - Roadmap view.

      • Initiative, release, release phase, feature, and idea reporting tables have been updated with a new column Record links which can then be included in the List, Pivot, Chart, and Timeline report views.


  • You can now customize column headers in the Reports - Hierarchy view. Click on the column name and perform an in-line edit to the name of your choosing. Save the view to retain the name changes. [Note: this capability already exists for the Features - List, Reports - List, and Ideas - List views.]

  • The name displayed when showing a record in a Custom Table master-detail relationship will now include the name of the master record to provide additional context on the origins of the value when linking to detailed records.


  • Terminology changes made in Settings - Product - Terminology are now applied in the body of the Reports - Hierarchy view as well as the configuration dialog.

  • Changing a Product name filter after already having associated Release name filters selected would result in the Release name filter incorrectly showing a value of Any even though specific releases remain selected. This has been fixed.

  • The JIRA integration was encountering an issue of not displaying the link in the Aha! Feature drawer page when responses have content-encoding="gzip" set. This setting is now handled without error.

  • Performing an Export to CSV from the Reports - List view and then changing the filter to export different data would result in exporting the original dataset. This behavior has been fixed.