May 13, 2016 release notes


  • The REST API has been updated to support both getting a list of all users in an account and enabling/disabling users.

  • New example pivot reports for Features by Initiative and Features by Goal have been added.


  • The Features - Roadmap view has been updated to include a new timeline control making it easy to customize your roadmap around any time period. Specify the timeline start and end dates for the display along with the desired time scale of days, weeks, months, or quarters.

  • Hierarchical idea categories displayed on the left side of Idea Portals by product for filtering purposes can now be collapsed for a more user friendly display. This allows for users to expand category trees of interest for filtering on desired categories for a given product.

  • The API and Import from CSV utility have been updated to allow any user to be made an owner of a release to be consistent with the web UI.

  • When a user ships a release, there is now an option to specify whether or not to notify team members (watchers) of the shipped release (the default is to notify).

  • Example items for Goals, Initiatives, Releases, and Features will now only be created in the first product in an account.


  • When creating a new release using the Copy existing release feature, the modal continued to display the Release phase template and Owner drop downs which are irrelevant when cloning an existing release. These fields have been removed.